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Drama Suppliers

Aakaal Stories . . .
Stories to inspire, stories with meaning and stories for fun. Our stories is the complete package, they enhance listening and writing skill as well as having fun!
Website:  www.sikheducationaladvisoryservices.com
Email: roop.singh@hotmail.com

Aardvark-circus . . .
Aardvark circus run circus workshops in schools and events. Circus skills workshops have many benefits, including enhancing creativity and confidence, concentration, self-awareness, integration, communication, spontaneity and co-ordination,
they are lots .
Website:  www.aardvark-circus.co.uk
Email: info@aardvark-circus.co.uk

Act-ed Productions . . .
A series of innovative teaching resources on DVD for Performing Arts and Media students.
Website:  www.act-ed.co.uk
Email: info@act-ed.co.uk

Audience Systems Ltd. . . .
Fixed and retractable seating solutions for school halls, gyms, theatres, and sports facilities. The UK’s market leader, Audience Systems offer a full service, from consultation and CAD design to manufacture, installation and maintenance.
Website:  www.audiencesystems.com
Email: sales@audiencesystems.com

CBaudio . . .
Sound Video & Lighting supply/ hire/ install or repair, PAT testing. CRB disclosure ESSEX.
Website:  www.cbaudio.co.uk
Email: sales@cbaudio.co.uk

Clarity in Sound, Light & Vision . . .
Design, supply & installation of sound, lighting, AV/projection & induction loop systems plus staging & drapes for schools halls & drama studios. We also supply portable sound &
lighting systems.
Website:  www.clarityslv.co.uk
Email: sales@clarityslv.co.uk

Dance Notes . . .
UK's leading resource for Dance in education, since 1992.
Website:  www.brianmadigan.com/dancenotes
Email: dancenotes@brianmadigan.com

Gaming Shakespeare . . .
Shakespeare for all ages.
Website:  www.gamingshakespeare.com
Email: info@gamingshakespeare.com

Jeepers Creepers ! - Top UK Magician . . .
Magic Shows for Children of all ages; also fascinating lecture.
Website:  www.themagicplace.co.uk
Email: jeepers@themagicplace.co.uk

Lunchbox Theatre Company . . .
The VICTORIAN ERA Historical Interactive Drama supporting National Curriculum. Based on true stories of the Cotton Mills of the Industrial Revolution. The Runaway Apprentice. Devised by Professional Actors & Teachers for Schools & Conferences.
Website:  www.lunchboxtheatrecompany.co.uk
Email: lunchboxtheatre@btinternet.com

MJ Sound & Light . . .
Professional Lighting, Sound and Staging hire. We work closely with many schools to achieve the best value for money
and performances.
Website:  www.mjsoundandlight.co.uk
Email: sales@mjsoundandlight.co.uk

Playstage . . .
Royalty-free plays for children aged 7 - 16, for performance or as classroom aids. Licence to photocopy is included. Full catalogue and samples of plays can be viewed on the website. Plays can also be purchased online and downloaded almost immediately.
Website:  www.schoolplaysandpantos.com
Email: mail@schoolplaysandpantos.com

Pro Production Services Ltd . . .
Suppliers and Installers of theatrical equipment ranging from Lanterns, Dimming, Control, Sound Systems, Video Systems, Lanterns, Bulbs and much much more!
Website:  www.proproduction.co.uk
Email: sales@proproduction.co.uk

Pyramid Pantomimes . . .
Fast becoming UK's biggest touring theatre company.
Website:  www.pyramidpantomimes.com
Email: info@pyramidpantomimes.com

The Big Yellow Feet Production Company Ltd. . .
Why not have your next school play professionally filmed and put onto DVD for your cast. Our service is free as we recoup costs through sales of the DVD to your cast. DVDs start from £11.99, so call 0845 055 7258 today & book us in.
Website:  www.filmmyshow.co.uk
Email: info@bigyellowfeet.com

Tiny Giants Theatre . . .
Theatre in education specialists. Road safety, bullying, Shakespeare, Christmas productions. Curriculum targeted KS1, KS2, KS3 productions also available.
Website:  www.tinygiants.ltd.uk
Email: tinygiants@gmail.com

UK Guide to Performing Arts . . .
Full-colour annual publication containing guidance and advice on training and careers in the performing arts.
Website:  www.ukperformingarts.com
Email: info@ukperformingarts.com

UV Gear . . .
Ultra Violet effects, lighting, decorations and paints for stage productions and parties.
Website:  www.uvgear.co.uk
Email: info@uvgear.co.uk