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School Address Lables

  Victory Education - School Labels
Our label service makes sending mail a whole lot easier

Always fancied doing your own mailing to schools but didn't fancy addressing every envelope yourself let alone getting the data in the first place? Our mailing label service comes into its own. We take away the hassle of getting the data and putting it onto labels. Victory Education School Mail is the only company who can contact all schools in Australia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand. We pride ourselves on the scope of our data and its accuracy. Sending labels out to you and hoping for the best is not our way of working with customers. Not only do you get the highly-accurate labels, you get a lot more in support and back-up. Make the most of these exciting sales opportunities into schools.

We supply printed address labels, in small or large quantities
Purchase over 5,000 Printed Address Labels and receive 500 FREE
Purchase over 10,000 Printed Address Labels and receive 1,000 FREE
  We can tailor you request to incorporate any specific area or school type, allowing you to target the exact sector of your choice. (Minimum order of 1,000).