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Shared Mailing

Shared Mailing Marketing
Shared Mailing Campaigns with Victory Education School Mail Services  
The principle is simple. A Shared Mailing campaign will deliver your literature directly to schools together with material from other educational publishers, suppliers and organisations. Share your mailing envelope with other education suppliers and reduce your costs dramatically. Our limited entry shared mailing service can reduce your mailing costs by up to 70%, and our extensive mailing timetable means that you can reach your target audience at any time during the academic year.
We are committed to delivering the highest level of direct mail response
Limited entry mailings (when a shared mailing is full, it's full)
Covering letters (to attract the school secretary's attention)
Paper envelopes (which are proven to work better than polythene)
Mailing drop reports (to ensure that wastage is kept to a minimum)
Limited Entry Improves Response Rates
Our objective is to achieve the maximum exposure for your literature when it arrives in schools so you get the best response possible. To aid this, we limit the number of companies in any one mailing to twelve.
Paper Envelopes...
Recent research shows that direct mail in high quality envelopes gets better responses than poly wrapped packages. That's why Shared Mailings with Victory Education are always mailed in paper envelopes instead of polythene.
Covering Letters..
All of our Secondary Shared Mailings include a covering letter to the school secretary, to further ensure your literature reaches its intended recipient.
Shared Mailing Vouchers...
This brand new medium will help you reach schools like never before! If you have a special offer promotion, then we can include your message on tear off vouchers that will be included with our Shared Mailings. The Head Teacher or School Secretary will direct the voucher to the relevant contact. Vouchers could be used to highlight a promotional money saving offer linked to an insert in a mailing, or maybe you need a quick response on products or services where no literature exists.

  The opportunities are endless! Take advantage of this great new route to market at extremely low cost. Contact us for a free quotation.
  *Please note our shared mailing services are only available for campaigns targeting the UK only.